Captain Jack Harkness (lots42) wrote in commercialssuck,
Captain Jack Harkness

Various commercials I hate

1) The one where the dad teaches his kid to eat an oreo. There's this ding sound at the end that causes me physical pain.

2) The no-stain Dockers. Because of the small print that says the pants do not work as advertised.

2) 'Angel' promos. They often have no bearing to the reality of the episode in question.

3) PBS commercials AKA pledge drives.

4) Ones that show close ups of the food product from two millimeters away. Right, like the real product looks anything like that.

5) Subway commercials where that annoying bastard announcer harrases people until they eat Subway.

6) Jared. He's such a smug fuck. He got thin by exercising. Who does he think he is fooling?

7) The previews for Dickie Roberts. Show some new footage, you bastards.
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