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AOL Broadband

I loathe this commercial because it's a pack of lies lies lies (what else is new?). This commercial begins with an ordinary suburban family having broadband connected for their computer. The "pleasant" sounding female voiceover ominously informs us that "When you get a regular broadband connection, something happens." She proceeds to tell us that by having this connection we are opening ourselves up to hackers, spammers and attacks. That's why we all need AOL for broadband -- they will protect us all from hackers, spammers etc.

They show you this family in their home and when the lady tells us they're "OPEN" the wall of their house falls down and all sorts of crap blows in all over them.

Can I just make the obvious points that:

1) If you get AOL you will still receive spam -- FROM AOL. Nothing can protect you from THEM.
2) Anyone with a brain can protect their connection WITHOUT Aol. But AOL of course doesn't want you to know this so they use these scare tactics to get you to pay lots of money for their own branded spam and garbage, making you think you're somehow "safe" with them.

How I loathe that ad. I wish it would burn in AOHell.
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